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2004-06-02: Pictures23
Distance today: 26.0 km (Accumulated: 6516.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: (Roadsign 1021 on M51) - blue roadsign "Chany 7km"(near
roadsign 1047 on M51).

26km., 2:27:05h.(J.) Long stop 500m. before finish as I had doubt of the
agreed finishpoint.
Excl. water, toilets etc. stops.

Start 8:43am(all). Finish 11:20am(J.), 11:28(K.), 12:39(A. and Andrei).

+23C., medium wind and clear sky at start.
+31C. at finish.

Runner company all stage (Andrei from Omsk).

We decided to change yesterdays planned 56 km. stage into a 30
km.(yesterday) and a 26km.(today).
This in order to let Alexander get a relative easy start after the injury.

Still we will from tomorrow have to begin running the usual stages -
starting with a 48km., and we very much hope Alexander can make the

Longer down the road we must increase our average distance a bit in order
to reach Japan and Australia in time.

The extra km's will be made by introducing a "monster stage" ;-) of 85 -
100km. every 7 to 10 days; beginning with a 91km. from Irkutsk to Lake

The "monster" in it is mostly the road condition - the distance itself
should'nt impress experiensed ultrarunners, but with the roads after
Irkutsk supposedly beeing more directions than roads, it will be a
logistical and a physical challenge.
And that's what we want :-)

The road conditions, or lack of..., we got confirmed when we today just
after Alexanders finish met 4 american motorbikers that has startet out
from Shanghai - China, in direction Munic, Germany(see pictures).
Quite an effort keeping their machines going on the extreme roads!!

Our accomodation is at a lakeside; which is quite smelly(but so are we),
however it has a high salt concentration which keeps the mosquitoes away.
And that is wellcome as there are now millions of them!



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