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2004-06-01: Pictures18
Distance today: 30.0 km (Accumulated: 6490.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Tatarsk(blue roadsign "Novosibirsk 554km, Tatarsk 4km"; 500m
after roadsign 991 0n M51) - (roadsign 1021 on M51).

30km., 2:42:52h.(J:)- Excl. water, toilet, etc. stops.

Start 11:37am(all).
Finish 14:26pm(J.), 14:39(K.), 15:21(A. and Andrei)

+21C., blue sky and light wind at start.
+22C., and same at finish.
Great running weather :-)

Runner company by Andrei all stage.

Naturally we are VERY pleased to FINALLY get moving in the right direction

During the 12 wait-days we really learned to appreciate every meter of new
terrain gained!
It is truely a joy to run towards a much desired goal :-)

But there is another thing that bring me (j.) equally joy - and that is
that I yesterday via @ from our Finland friend, Tero TeĆ¹role, got news
that my colleague from the years on the Danish national ultrarunning
team,mr. Alex Henriksen, last weekend won the Dutch 24 hours race in
He ran 245km. and took 1. place in front of such strong runners as Karl
Graf (Germany) and William Sischel (U.K.).
That really brought a smile on my face :-)))
He has a long time as hardtraining ultrarunner behind him and he much
deserved this succes.
Way to go Alex!

A curious story is that the danish 24 hour record has 3 times been set on
the dutch Appeldoorn track; Now by Alex, 1 year ago by J. Anderson (and 3
years ago by me). It is a joy to hand the record over to good runners AND
to see such progress for the danish ultra team that I spent much time
with. Keep us proud of you :-)

By the way Alex Henriksen invited us to stay in his house during our run
in Denmark (one of our few danish accomodations), so: not only a good
sportsman - but also a very friendly person, which is equally important!



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