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2004-05-28: Pictures5
Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 6460.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Tatarsk; 8. restday called by Alexander (website
"Principles", rule 3).

On todays pictures are finally the logo of our helpfull "finance sponsor":
Pepper Technologies.
It took some troubles to get the logo to Russia, get it printet, and get
it printet correct...
But eventually we succeded with one of the running shirts which we now
share untill we get post from the friends in Denmark with more shirts :-)

The story about Pepper Technologies and World Run is that the co-founder
of Pepper Tech. is himself a marathon runner and in this way takes
interest in the World Run idea as the ultimative run - and as a symbol for
the company.
There can be much hardship involved in reaching high goals; but important
is to keep trying!

Alexanders present situation is very much a case of "keep trying" and we
hold our breach till the start wednesday!

The C.E.O. of Pepper Tech. now trains to run one of the Australian stages
with us: the 50km. stage with finish in Melbourne where his German based
company has their Asian office.

Beeing in the Australian "heat season" it wont be an easy location to
start as ultra runner, and we are proud to have such a sponsor!!

The same goes for our other sponsors:
- Asics (shoes and apperal),
- Life Pilot (official documentation technology sponsor),
- Charriott Carriers (sports babyjogger/transporter) and
- Jogging Sport (equipment support): They are not only "in the team" for
the commercial benefit.

Each of them also has a sporting connection and provides us with personal
support which makes it both a sponsorship and a much appreciated

On todays training Kazuka and I (J.) enjoyed a 30km. together to visit
Alexanders hospital; afterwards I jogged an extra 10km. to keep the legs
ready to resume the stages (40km, 4:01:48h.).



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