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2004-05-27: Pictures18
Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 6460.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Tatarsk; 7. restday called by Alexander(website -
"Principles", rule 3).

We used a few minutes today to make pictures of some of our newspaper
- you can view them in the picture section.
Mostly its Russian newpapers, and there's many...(about 1 interview pr. 3
days so far!).
But also we carry with us one of the Finland newspapers; as mentioned we
have very very good memories of the friendly people of Finland :-)

Unfortunately I dont understand much of the Finland and Russian articles,
but I think the pictures gives a good hint...

Kazuka lent a hand in selecting and making the web pictures today, and
I(J.) can say that she is a great help for us in this difficult wait-time.
Its easy to run, but painfull to wait when the km's and challenges are so
near; and still so far away!
And wait-time we will have: Alexander has just asked me to hold the start
untill wed. 3/6 so he can get fully fresh.
That is the max. amount of "force mayor" days which we agreed about and I
ofcourse cant deny him that.
But after that we have no rest days left.
We will keep our adjusted plan to Japan and Australian and try carefully
to catch up with the plan.

Sunday we analyse all stages left in Russia and decide where to put in
extra distance.

I sincerely appologize Kazuka and our regional contacts that are awaiting
us, but I cant leave Alexander without the chance promised in our
principles. That would be highly incorrect.

Luckyly we have good support from our friends and sponsors, and I send
them a gratefull thought on todays training (20km jog; 2:14:23) - while
dreaming of forward roads and open horizon...:-)



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