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2004-05-26: Pictures7
Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 6460.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: 6. restday called by Alexander(website "Principles" - rule

On one of todays pictures you see Roberto Fierro who we met late yesterday
when he rolled his bike into the enterence of "hotel Tatarsk"!

Roberto is on his way to Lake Baikal from Torino, Italy.
He had studied russian language 6 months and then head out on the the
roads alone on his bike via Venice - Greece - Bulgaria - Moldova - Ukrania
and the long roads of Russia; bon curage!! I like that :-)

Roberto has about 7000km. since he started in March (700km. more than we
at present have run) and bikes 120 - 180km. pr. day.

We wish him the very best luck on the road; buerno viaggio Roberto!! :-)

We expect to "hit the road" ourselves in 3 days from now, so finally the
departure is close.

I celebrated the nearness of departure and the solvation of the
visa/immagration card problem (see below) by going to the local stadium
for a fast - ok relatively fast ;-) 10km.; 37:07min. (2km. warm up, 10km.
track, 12km. slow "rural jog"; total 2:01:35h.).

Kazuka for her part went for a 3 hour jog with rucksack.
Now there is a strong-minded runner!!!

About the visa/immagration card Alexander cleared up things by calmly
explaining that we i our panic had overlooked that I actually do have the
required document!
Only its hot the usual airport entry card as we, obviously, didnt enter
Russia by airplane but over the Finland border.

-so; now a good nights sleep without fearing a second knock on the door



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