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2004-05-21: Pictures15
Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 6460.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Tatarsk city. restday, called by Alexander(see website "Principles" - rule 3).

After a visit to the frindly Sports Committee of Tatarsk, Alexander has
been taken under very competent hospital treatment.

We - Kazuka, Rachenka and I - went to see him in the evening and we saw
that he gets "V.I.P. privleges" with single room, tv, refrigerator and the
the latest in gentle treatment.

It ofcourse has a positive effect on his condition, but we can't deny that
the team is worried by the situation.

Tomorrow evening I will have more precise news of Alexanders state; right
now all we can say is that he can walk.

But how many days rest he needs to be ready to resume the stages, the
doctors can't say yet.

During the wait-time we repair and enforce our support car.

It strongly need to be ready for the gravel roads after lake Baikal!

Also the detail plans of Japan and Australia gets a work-over; and perhaps
most important: we try to rlax and get the team-spirit of all 4 members up
to its best!
As you can imagine a long time challenge like this inevitably is every
inch as hard in terms of keeping the group functioning.
And in this sens Alexanders injury gives an opportunity to strenghten the
cohersion of the team.

Often problems can have this effct - now we have one strong mutural
interest - to get Alexander well :-)

On todays pictures you can see Kazuka and I making a track workout on the
local stadium (0:51:46h., 9km. K., 13km. J.), followed by a frindly 5km.
city jog with our driver Rachenka(0:32:43h.).

The "man and machine" on the picturs is Sergei, president of the Sports
Committee, and his "Oasic" jeep with which he eagerly helps us around .
Thank You Sergei!!

And Thank You to all the sportsfriends that has sent Alexander their

PS: The city Tatarsk has about 27000 inhabitants, celebrated its 90th.
birthday in 2001 and tomorrow we will try to bring you a small portrait in
pictures and words of this frindly Siberian city!



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