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2004-05-20: Pictures11
Distance today: 48.0 km (Accumulated: 6460.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Roadcross on M51 at Ivanovka and Kobalova(roadsign 943 on
M51) - Roadsign "Novosibirsk 554km, Tatarsk 4km"(500m. after roadsign 991
on M51).

48km., 5:00:21h.(J. and K.), excl. water and toilet etc. stop.

Start 07:14am(all).
Finish 13:01pm(J. and K.), 14:29(A. stop at 34km.).

Alexander finish at roadsign 977 on M51; 34km., 7:15h. Using the "serious
injury" rule (see menu "Principles"). He now has 14 days to resume the run.

At start +14C., medium wind and gray overcast.
+18C. at finish.

- 6297 km after the start in London we have our first "serious injury"
It is problematic but also quite natural in an event like this.

The procedure is that Alexander now can choose 1 - 14 days of rest and we,
the team, will wait and support himduring this time.

Tomorrow we go to the Sports Committee in Tatarsk, and they have promised
to find the best possible treatment.

As we today entered the Novosibirsk region, our gps equiptment works again
and on the pictures you can see the finish km. of the stage(J. and Kazuka)
and our supply driver and good helper Rachenka.

on the last 2 pictures are documented Alexanders stop at roadsign 977, as
we drove back and agreed that he use the injury rule.

I very much hope that we soon will be able to bring pictures and
documentation of his return to the Siberian challenge.
He is much too strong a runner and person to stop before the final

To add the sadness of the day we said goodbye to Evgenii at the
Omsk/Novosibirsk border.
He has run with us all km's through the Omsk region - from border to
border the same way as Kazuka runs with us from sea to sea(Baltic Sea to
Passific Ocean).
The 10 days of running with him leave many memories and emotions!



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