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2004-05-22: Pictures43
Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 6460.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Tatarsk; day called by Alexander (website -
"Principles" - rule 3).

We have just visited Alexander and he expect to be ready to continue in
about 5 days ! We very very much hope so !!

The injury is in the tendon, upper right leg, inside.
The cure is: rest, rest & rest. To this is added vitamin treatment and

- All this is taken care of & paid by the Sports Comitty of Tatarsk, and
whats more - during this wait-time they have accomodated us at the city
hotel w. all meals, needs and wishes taken care of.

This is a heartfull & friendly help which we cant thank enough for. - At
the moment of big troubles you find true friends :-)

On todays pictures we bring you a small portrait of Tatarsk; city of
Siberian helpfullness:

- the city church
- the interesting USSR museum; well worth a visit w. its many original &
still working effects: tractors, agriculture machines, everyday life
displays, grammophones and an air-bi-plane. All +60 y. old! Not to mention
the Siberian nature exhibit w. a Mammoth head & jaw from an ice age
finding as its clou'; plus original party books, medals and 2. W.W.
materials. No wonder it has had nearly 200 000 visitors allready !
- The 2. W.W. "Pobedy" monument (victory and peace monument) w. long lists
of the cities casualties at the front.
- the old wooden log houses
- the nearby Trans Siberian railway w. station in Tatarsk.
- the calm street life w. friendly traders & pleanty of time. No tourist
hassle here :-)
- And ofcourse the ever present big, wide Siberian nature. At this time of
year green and wellcoming; very far from the tv images of a frozen exile !!

... As you can see a city well worth a visit if you are in Siberia and
looking for culture & friendship :-)

PS: Kazuka & I took a 2 hour jog to keep the legs moving. Also pictures of



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