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Distance today: 43.0 km (Accumulated: 6412.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Kalachinsk(USSR monument at city square, uliza kalinina) -
Roadcross on M51 at Ivanovka and Kobalova(roadcross 543 0n M51).

43km., 4:46:39h.(J.,K. and E.), excl. water, toilet etc. stops.

Start 8:10am(all). Finish 13:53(J. and K.), 15:17pm(A.).

+25C., partly overcast and medium wind at start.
+34C, humid and light wind at finish.

Runner company (Evgenii) all stage.

This day was the hottest so far with temperatures well above +30C for most
of the run.

Kazuka seems to be the one who cope best, and despite the injuries from
the unlucky fall in Omsk ½ marathon, she now is as strong as ever.

For my part any temperature above +30C. is an "interesting Challenge" ;-)
and today the stomach responded to the +34C. and buzzing mosquitoes by
refusing to accept anything after 28km. of the stage.

With great effort by our driver and good helper, Sasha Rachenka, we
managed to get the team through.
Much thanks to his excellent water, "bucket shower" and salt stations
every 5km!

It turns out that it was a good choice to have an experiensed
extreme-sportsman as helper - Rachenka has run several 100km., a Moscow -
Johannesburg and a Kazakstan - Sct. Petersburg relay race and Siberia -
Jerusalem on bicycle(!).

Alexander is taking the heat with usual stoic calmness but is battling a
bit with the "Helsinki injury" again.
Evgenii treat the problem with massage and hopefully it works.

We are lucky to have his good help :-)



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