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Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 6282.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Rest day; Omsk 1/2 marathon.

We had one of our 2 monthly rest days, and chose to participate in the
Omsk 1/2 marathon which is one of russias largest.
The course is fast and flat with 3 laps of 7km..
And with all the trees standing green along the riverside course it was a
great settting for a race - and a race it was:
-Despite our somewhat battered and lead-heavy legs we gave it all to catch
each other :-)

As explained yesterday the 1100 participants were sent off in age groups.
The 70 years old startet 10:00am and then the 65 years old etc. untill
10:22 when the last of us - the unlucky 35 years old and younger - were
sent out on the +36,5C. hot course(and that is the shadow temperature !)
Our friends Roma, Matveisson and Evgenii nicknamed it "Omsk International
Sahara 1/2 marathon" :-)

Kazuka was the first starter amongst us (10:07) and it long like she would
be "the team winner".

But a fall at 10km. meant that I(J.) had a lucky, but unfair opputunity to
close the gap, and we exchanged greetings at the 13 km. mark.

At the finish line Alexander arrived at 11:59am, Kazuka at 11:57am and I
at 11:43.

As yuo can see, our times are slow and it perfectly illustrates the effect
of daily distances and ordeils as ours during now 4½ months!

Our Omsk stopwatch times compared to our personal best times tell the
*Kazuka 1:41h.(pb. 1:24h.)
*Alexander 1:41h.(pb. 1:23h.)
*Jesper 1:21h.(pb. 1:08h.)

To compare the winner at Omsk had 1:10:01h; only 2-3 min. from his pb..

The day was rounded off by a visit to a sauna - swimmingpool - and
ping-pong hideout that Matvei knew.

Alexander and I had a rematch of our tuff Stockholm ping-pong match and
the team had a great time!! :-))



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