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Goto: 12004-05-13 12004-05-15 1Russia

Distance today: 41.0 km (Accumulated: 6232.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Roadsign 534 E30(at Beliskovo town) - Roadsign575(roundabuot
at Kr. Yar).

41km., 3:53h.(J. and Evgenii) - time excl. water toilet etc. stops.

Start 05:00am(K.), 06:06am(J.,A., and E.).
Finish 10:17am(J.,K., and E.), 10:28am(A.).

+17C., thin clouds and do wind at start.
+26C. at finish.

Police escort and runner company(Evgenii).

Today we had our first early-morning stage and enjoyed a beautifull silent
sunrise on the road - and more comfortable temperatures than the 25 to
30C. in the the last days.

But instead we've got a new thing to keep us busy: the mosquitoes...
They are basking in the almost tropical temperatures, and having the time
of their life - 4 "ultrarunner meals" served promtly every day ;-)

Fortunately we have a very good and mosquito free accomodation at the home
of Matvei, while we are running near Omsk(Rachenka drive us there every
day after the finish).
Matvei is a very friendly host that cares good for us; but he is also a
very experiensed ultrarunner!

After todays finish he forexample showed us a video from one of his 4 days
Kaukasus mountain race participations: 1. day a 42km. to the beginning of
the mountains, next day a 1/2 marathon to 2400m., 3. day offroad running
to 3800m. - the last day run, walk and climb at the summmit of mountain
Elbrus - at 5642m.!!

Great material for running goals after we have tried our challenge here
:-) !



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