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Distance today: 46.0 km (Accumulated: 6140.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Roadsign "Krutinka 1km"(near roadsign 437 -
Tukalinsk(administration center, 3km. after E30 at roadsign 480).


4:31:00h.(J. and A.) - time excl. water, toilets etc. stops.

+19C. humid and half overcast at start.
+31C and very humid at finish.

Start 10:06am(all), finish 15:58(all).

Runner company (Evgenii) and police escort all stage.

Today is Alexanders birthday!!
The first birthday during our run - 46 years - if things go well and we
reach our finish line, he will by then have celebrated his birthday
and about 20 000 km. more!

Coincidence have put it so that we at the stage finish in Tukalinsk have
reached exactly 6000 km. since London.
Not the worst coincidense that could happen :-)

In the morning we had a short celebration with chocolate and a bottle of

At the midway point there was a short local press meeting and at finish a
longer session with TV and newspapers.

Later an enjoyable talk with the local sportsmen and women at a meeting at
the city stadion.

Unfortunately the hot and humid weather combined with a small stomach
illness gave Kazuka some problems and Alexander and I had 1 hour Wait /
run-back 3 km. before finish to check that she was ok (therefore a +1 h.
between the pure running time and the start - finish times, besides the
usual water stop extra time).

In the evening we will celebrate Alexanders birthday properly:
-thank you for hanging on through all the training camps, for running
patiently through the rain in Europe, the cold in Scandinavia, the long
km. in Russia and taking the many difficulties of "The Run" with stoic
I seldom saw so strong a runner .
We wish yuo big success in the years and kilometres to come!!



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