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Distance today: 43.0 km (Accumulated: 6094.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Road sign "Oligina 0,6km"(roadsign 394 + 500m., on E30) -
Roadsign "Krutinka 1km"(near roadsign 437).

43 km., 4:14:25h(J. and K.).

+18C. at start, no wind, heat mist.
At finish 29C.

Start 9:44am (all).
Finish 14:10pm (J. and K.), 14:13pm (A.)

Police escort and runner compagny all stage.
TV at finish.

Yesterday we passed the Tymen regional border and entered the Omsk region
and now time GMT + 6 hours.
This also means that we have the joy of sharing our run with one of the
best 24hours runners in the Omsk region, Evgenil Nepsha - race organizer,
coach and one time russian champion on 24hour for 3 men team (pers.
result: 210 km.).
He met us yesterday at the halfway point and will run with us through the
entire Omsk region and is a big plus with his enthusiasm towards the World
Run and help in our Omsk planning.

But today we had even more friends to share the km's with: Natasja, Jana,
Julia, Vanja, Sasja and many other young sportsstudents from Krutinkina
accompagnied us the last 40 km. by running in 2 - 3 km. relay teams,
supported by the college bus.
Most of them are cross country skiers on sprint distance and it gave
ground for interesting insight in their sport.

-Kazuka and I are far from fluent in russian yet, but we manage to strike
up a conversation on the usual Word Run "Esperanto" - a mixture of
hand-language, pidgin-russian, basic english and a few japanese and german
words (many russians understand a few german words).

Our accomadation for the night is in a datcha among white shining birch
trees that are just about to unfold the first green leaves.

This report is written under one of them as the sun goes down after a long
hot day :-)



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