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Distance today: 62.0 km (Accumulated: 5468.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Broda Kalmak (Nina Lazareva's farm) - Verh. Techa (roadsign
136 on road P330 + 1km. into the village to adm. building).

62km., 5:48:38h.

-2C at start, strong wind, clear sky.
Thi is probably the spring, but we dont take it for granted!
We have seen the winter return many times now.

Yesterday, today and the next 3 days we run on the secondary roads, as the
main road (E33 - M51) now goes through Kazakstan where we havent visa to.
Instead we, as planned, run North and North-East out of Chelyabinsk region
into the "Kurganska" region.

Running a few days on tiny "dust and dirt" road means that we dont have
mobile phone connection as the coverage follows the main roads.

We hope and expect to have connection when we reach Viasnik in 3 days.

Untill then the reports will be delayed.

The good thing about these roads is that we besides an interisting
challenge, get to see a rich varity of animals. Eg. foxes, ducks, eagles,
wild swans, forrest pidgeons, owl's, a couple of other small bird species
and of course tame animals and life stock: dogs, chicken, turkeys, pigs
and cows.

Our accomodation is in the house of Nikolai, his wife and 2 cats.
He suffers from a blood-contermination dicease which also has struck the
husband of yesterdays host, Nina. I noticed dogs with strange patches of
skin. Something happened nearby 57 years ago. The river and top-soil is
New building and future perspective seems to have stopped many years ago.
Yet they recived us frindly.

PS: For me (Jesper) yesterdays food-paradice is followed by todays stomach
trouble, headache and light nausea.



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