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2005-10-21: Pictures30
Distance today: 46.0 km (Accumulated: 26149.0 km)
Country: England End

2005.10.21 -
. England.

46km, 4:25:36h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total: 26 108km

Start: 10:10am.
Finish: 15:59pm.

+12c, overcast and light wind at start.
14c, half overcast and medium wind at finish.

- Back in well known traffic.. ;-)

Another day with almost optimal conditions: autumn sky and landscape and
the nights rain clearing minutes before the start.
A dedicated team, again today from the Sri Chinmoy marathon club, who even
donated two pairs of running shoes (the Rolls Royce of running shoes:
Asics Keyano) - doubt if I wear them out as there is only around 130km
left :-)
But at this point new shoes certainly feel good.

I am very exhausted, but its a good feeling and corresponds well with the
warm cosy feeling of being filled to the brim with good memories ! I have
met so many friends that I cant keep count - but that doesnt mean that I
dont remember each and everyone met across the continents :-)

.. So much has gone better than expected. Even a thing like the traffic
has been way safer in other parts of the world than I imagined. And if I
had forgotten then I have got reminded of this lately!

Honestly its only been back here in Europe that the cars/drivers seem to
be at times directly aggressive towards others like runners - My
expectations were I might encounter that mentality in North America
occasionally, but as it turns out I had nearly no incidents at all (except
plainly crowded roads in Japan and narrow streets on the West Am. Coast of
course). On todays run I had more incidents than the other 3 continents in
total ;-) I guess European mentality at the moment isnt very accepting;
which perhaps also applies in the stand towards foreigners. It seems that
immigrants elsewhere are seen mainly as a positive input of opportunity.
In Europe the contrary view appears prevailing.. But I guess Europe has
always had historical periods like that !

U.K. schedule:

20 Oct, 206.6km,
Arrive, Kibworth.

21 Oct, 250.4km,
Arrive Kettering Travelodge (junction 13).

22 Oct, 303.4km,
Arrive Baldock travelodge - (roundabout prior).

23 Oct, 389.1km and 26 000km total,
Greenwich, London; at The Old Royal Observatory, the 0-Meridian Line of
the World.

- 85km at the final stage. Expected finish at 14:00 hours Sunday.



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