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2005-10-10: Pictures10
Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 25686.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.10.10 Ireland, Europe >. New York State.

Sri Chinmoy !

This last day in New York turned out to be quite an experience :-)

First I visited the 3100mile track on which the longest annually run in
the world is held! And of course I couldnt resist running a few laps :-)

The track itself is 800yards - on that short, cement paved, pedestrian
footpath, encircling a school and a baseball field, the participants run
approximately 18hours a day (incl. breaks) - until they have covered
3100miles !!!

Most runners continue 1 more days to reach 5000km;
which usually takes around 50 days in total.

The race (its an int. competition) is organized and inspired by the Indian
Guru, Sri Chinmoy, who advice many of the participants spiritually - ultra
running is often also a spiritual thing. And many of the runners are also
students of Sri as he offers insight in many other aspects of life.

He has for many years been the driving force in a worldwide movement where
running and peace(outer and inner) is integral parts. Sri Chinmoy now
lives in New York and regularly organizes meditative sessions in the UN
headquarters (Manhattan).

Just before going to the JFK Airport I had the thrilling honour, and joy
:-) , to be lifted by Sri Chinmoy.

It is a longer story which I will have to safe for a book about the world
run later on, but parts of it of course was the lift itself - literally a
lift as in weightlifting only with a person as the weight via a set of
bars - other were the gentle ceremony surrounding it, and having a song
(!) composed about the run.

So to say the least it has been some very intense and rewarding days here
in New York :-)

On &
you can read more details on the 3100 mile race & the Sri Chinmoy
organisation !



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