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Distance today: 25.0 km (Accumulated: 24162.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.08.09. [Marengo; cross of Hwy. 20 & Hwy. 23] -
[Starks; cross of Hwy. 20 & Route 47].

25km, 2:13:26h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 24021km.

Start: 07:44am.
Finish: 10:46am.
Time GMT - 7 hours

+27c, clear and light wind at start.
33c, and same at finish.

- One day ahead!

Well; after struggling with keeping up with schedule the last 2 months I
finally had a chance to catch up a day instead of getting behind :-)

The map had put the stages out to be a bit longer than what they turned out
to be so that helped - and also the news that Karla from Saint-Louis Obispo
looks to be able to come out and crew for me later this month on the way to
New York really make a good impact on the energy and spirit!

There will be a long stretch on highway 30 running East the next about
1000miles and without crew it wont be much of a joy. So the chance to both
see Karla again and have a crew - is great :-)

Today stage went fine despite quite heavy truck traffic on a very narrow
road mostly without a hard-shoulder to run on. The reason, I found out, was
that there has been build a new Interstate highway alongside, but as the
toll-taxes for using it are high the trucks prefer to find the smaller
roads... Still, as mentioned often in the reports the long-distance trucks
are often the traffic that are most likely to give good room on the road
and even often drives way out in the middle to give enough space, so no big
trouble today :-)

The next stages are:

10.08: To Lilydale.
11.08: Montgomery.

- all the above on Road 47.

12.08: Plainfield (Hwy. 30).
13.08: New Lennox / alternative route via Manhattan.
14.08: Matteson.
15.08: Dyer.
16.08: Valpariso.
17.08: Hanna.
18.08: Plymouth.

- all the above on hwy. 30 East.



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