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Distance today: 31.0 km (Accumulated: 23044.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.06.26. [Moorehead; cross of
Hwy. 75 & Hwy. 10] - [Green mile-marker on Hwy. 10: "mile 19"].

31km, 3:11:40h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 23003km.

Start: 12:25.
Finish: 15:53pm.
Time GMT - 7 hours

+23c, rain and light wind at start.
25c, half overcast and medium wind at finish.

A long run !

On today?s rainy stage from Moorhead out on the Highway 10 towards
Minneapolis I was quite tired as usually on this last part of the total
run, but there was a special motivation today: I would make it just past
the 23 000km mark.

As far as I and my supporters have researched, the longest documented run
has been a 20 000km run in Australia, by Gary Parsons and a 23 000km run by
Istvan Sipfos. So... it looks like another mile-stone has been passed as
the run continues across the flat mid-USA.

At finish I was picked up by Rachel from Fargo who has found accommodation
at her parents place. They all proved to be great company and I had an
enjoyable evening in their house right at the lakeside. Rachel is a
halfmarathonner who is exploring the long-distance running with great
and heading for a marathon next year - interesting to share thought on
training and running and feel some of the inspiration that I remember from
when I started out many years ago... (Little did I know then, that I would
take on a thing like World Run or run 23 000km 20 years later; but it has
been very joyful all the way :-)



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