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Distance today: 31.0 km (Accumulated: 22955.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.06.23. [Climax; white railroad station sign: "Climax", at cross of
75 & Hwy. 220] - [Halstad; green mile-marker on Hwy. 75: "275", at cross
Hwy. 75 & Hwy. 200].

31km, 3:14:24h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 22914km.

Start: 10:48am.
Finish: 14:52pm.
Time GMT - 7 hours

+27c, almost clear, humid and medium wind at start.
34c, same and very humid at finish.

Another enjoyable day in Minnesota!

After an almost steam-bath-humid stage running along the green farm fields
of the flat Minnesota landscape I again had a friendly offer of private
accommodation. Very welcome as the cities on this stretch is 100 - 1200
people size and thus motel or campgrounds are not found. Yet, the
friendship in these small cities are amongst the best I have met during
entire run through 14 countries and reminds me of people met in Finland,
Siberia, Canada and Australia :-)

My hosts tonight are the owner of the Halstad Supermarket and leader of
Catholic Church in Halstad Noel and his wife Yvonne. Contrary to most
people here they are not of Scandinavian heritage but traces their lines
back to France - and proves that the kindness found here is not a
"Scandinavian thing" (however much I might like that thesis.. ;-) but is a
way of life here in the Mid-North.

I was invited to a dinner at the church - not the Catholic church with was
closed for the day - but the cities Lutheran church. Which I think shows
friendly terms the people are on no matter what their belief is; my hosts
who as I mentioned leads the Catholic Church was naturally also present :-)

But also this gives an impression of communities where religion has an
important role. I think that also as a social factor to keep these small
cities functional that religion takes a forward position. Not that they
very orthodox or in any way fanatic, but it was obvious from the
conversation that the churches in the small cities take on many events and
social "duties" which makes the areas continue to provide an attractive
to live. During my run I have of course seen that the world (that part of
that I have run) mostly consists of small cities/villages - a bit contrary
to the media/TV image where much of the news comes from the capital cities
of the world, thus easily providing the feeling that the world mostly goes
on in big metropolis. But also it is evident to me that in most countries
small cities are struggling to keep their inhabitants. In Siberia there
often no alternative to staying, but still in areas it was evident that
there were few people below 40-60years of age. The same in West Australia
where many villages along the southern highway was empty and deserted and
some cases also in Canada and mid-Sweden though not totally empty but just
in decline.

It seems that in these farmland areas here there is, at least for a while,
way of keeping the communities functioning!

By the way there was again today a newspaper out on the road inquiring
the run - this time the main newspaper from Fargo which I will reach in
days and tomorrow there is scheduled a talk with the local news in
Halstad. I
am happy to in my small way contribute to the life and news out here :-)



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