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Distance today: 41.0 km (Accumulated: 22734.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.06.15. [Morris; cross of Hwy. 75 South & Hwy. 23] - [Emerson; sign on
the US side of the CAN - US border at Interstate 29, North Dakota:
"Entering Customs Area", half a kilometre before mile-marker 216 on
Interstate 29].

41km, 4:14:53h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 22693km.

Start: 10:28am.
Finish: 17:26pm.
Time GMT - 7 hours

+18c, almost clear and light wind at start.
24c and same at finish.

- Spirit :-)

After yesterdays "horror in the rain" ;-) there was finally one of those
enjoyable days which makes it very much worth the effort and hardship.

Besides lovely weather I had two interesting meetings: 10km into the run I
met the "Ecole d' St. Jean-Baptiste" in the small town Jean-Baptiste, where
my host of two days ago, Guy, teaches. He had assembled the students in
their lunch break and I told them about the run, the stories from different
continents and countries and about the friendship experienced there !

It was a very rewarding meeting also for me :-)

Later on, after - surprisingly easy - having passed through the US customs,
I was met by my American host for tonight, Charlie, who after the finish
drove me to his home in a 50house town nearby. He and his family has a big
farm there and I got a interesting insight in that part of life!

At evening there was an invitation to attend a meeting in a
church-community nearby and for me being allowed to gain insight in the
religion is a big part of experiencing different countries. The assembly
a youth-group from the farmland communities who was in the middle of a
rock-inspired session. Eventually I was encouraged to tell a little about
what had brought me to North Dakota... Very interesting.. :-)

Again it was also for me much rewarding. As those who have followed this
probably know, I have suffered very much with the hardship of the totality
of the run as miles piles on top of thousand of other miles.

Speaking with a religious circle of people I came to remember how big a
part inspiration and spirit play in being able to do what I am doing day
after day. And albeit I don?t consider my run religious in the traditional
sense, I do think that "spirit" plays a vital role.

I suddenly realised that what I am struggling with most of all in this
phase of the run is the spirit of running - the inspiration to go on
running hours and hours out on the highways - and seeing a meaning and even
a joy in it; even when its extremely hard.

I think that "spirit" is very central for most runners, only we don?t
usually think of it or realise it. Running long distance is, perhaps
mainly, a state of mind. And its important to every once in a while to
remember what is the quality of that - and what is the inspiration which
lies within it :-)



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