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2005-04-19: Pictures21
Distance today: 45.0 km (Accumulated: 20430.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.04.19. [Abbortsford; cross of Gladwin Rd. 5500 and Harris Rd. 32800]
- [Kent; blue pump house at the Hwy. 7: "District of Kent, Hammersley
Pump Station", at the Mountain Slough River].

(Crew: Karl Jensen all stage)

45km, 4:26:10h. . Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 20389km.

Start: 10:49am.
Finish: 17:17pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+16c, clear sky and light wind at start.
15c, and same at finish.

- A new ultra runner :-)

I started today?s stage with good company: Kevin Thompson who is our
advisor and coordinator of the Canadian part of the run, and Peter
Rietveld who will run w. me the next month across the Rocky Mountains to

- Kevin has already run across Canada himself (approx. 7000km!) so he only
had to run the first 5km with us, giving valuable briefing reg. the road
ahead; Canadian ultra-history: Terry Fox and Al Howie etc. !, road
conditions and camping/accommodation possibilities.

Peter, who has never run distances beyond the marathon, was up for a test,
however, !
I thought it was best this seasoned Dutch traveller at first chance got
rid of the common thought that marathon is the limit - so I had 45km in
mind for this our first full stage together :-)

- He struggled a bit with it at 35 km, when it became clear that we
probably wouldn?t stop at 42 km ;-)
But he renounced, fought his way back to confidence; and after paying a
bit for a high start pace (5 - 5:30 min/km) picked up energy the last 5km
- and is now an ultra runner :-))

At evening we put up the tents with a view to the snow-covered mountains.
Later a man came by, walking towards the tents by the small river. Since
L.A. I have learned that this usually means: "You have to leave; this is
private property/hunting ground/ fishing ground/etc."

Not so! The man said "Welcome to Canada :-)", smiled and walked on,
carrying his fishing gear.

- I understand I am in a new culture and look forward to the road ahead!!



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