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2005-03-30: Pictures11
Distance today: 30.0 km (Accumulated: 19748.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.03.30 after mile-marker 116 > - .
total for today is longer than the actual distance. Total distance for the
stage according support-car odometer was 18,7miles/30km.>

(Crew: Charlotte & Kasper Vibe-Leonhardt all stage)

30km, 3:02:27h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 19.707km.

Start: 9:35am.
Finish: 13:43pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+15c, almost overcast and light wind at start.
16c and same at finish.

With good assistance from my little sister, her husband and 1 year old.
child Julie in the crew-car, I got through the stage despite some fever
and dizziness :-)

In these days - and weeks - of problems, with my disappearing trust in the
journey and run I started from London, I find inspiration in the
historical explorers:

Running in North West America brings thoughts of Hudson, (who explored the
North West passage to Alaska, after two failed attempts at sailing North
East of Russia).

And Vitus Bering (Danish, actually) who explored the passage between
Russia and Alaska - after travelling more than 6000miles from his
"employer", Peter the Great, in Saint Petersburg to Kamtjatka on the
Pacific Coast. Then building his vessel to make the voyage across to

Its a privilege to be able to relate to parts of their hardship. Including
the despair when the goal seems impossibly far away :-)

(The Americans themselves did have explorers, for example Lewis and Clarke
who 200years ago completed a 4000mile long journey of discovery across
North America; ending at the Colombia River outflow into the Ocean at
Astoria, 16. November 1805. I will, hopefully, soon pass their path; as I
passed that of John Eyre in the Nullabor desert).

- All of them facing far more hardship and disappointments than I and
still insisted in pursuing their goals ahead :-)



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