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Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 19718.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.03.29 .

Unfortunately I have struggled w. stomach trouble, throw up & diaries
during last evening, night and this morning.

I feel that it wont be impossible to run, but there is a chance that it
only prolongs it and then cost more than 1 day afterwards (there has been
a trace of blood in throw ups and it could be a bit of general exhaustions
causing it ?! I doubt food.).

It much reminds of when I last had to take a rest-day due to illness - in
Krasnojarsk in mid. Siberia, 2004. There I feared it might be the end of
it (again inability to hold any food & water, plus small blood coming up);
but was up and running the next day again :-)

I strongly suspect that it there was mainly due to exhaustion and worries
about what lay ahead (East Siberia; =4000km and soon the end of tarmac
roads), and not a food problem!

The last weeks has been almost as challenging, here mostly due to a series
of unlucky and accidents (in other parts of the total run I have been very
lucky to get through, so I cant complain :-) But I think it?s important to
respect the body and minds request for a "day off". In the beginning the
run was planned with one rest-day pr. month, and it might be a good idea
to go back to that routine.

As for now the rest day means that I expect to run into Vancouver 16. &
not 15. april! Sorry about that !



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