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2005-03-25: Pictures7
Distance today: 28.0 km (Accumulated: 19590.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.03.25 -

28km, 2:44:50h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 19.549km.

Start: 10:34am.
Finish: 14:23pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+18c, grey overcast and medium wind at start.
19c and same at finish.

Finally gprs and mobile signal again!!

After several weeks without signal I finally am able to send the reports
and documentation pictures "live" to the website again (and not just store
it for Guinness and myself) :-)

Ill make today?s report short and get on with transmitting the reports
from the past weeks. There is some drama there, I can guarantee!

But first a small note about accommodation: as much as I have had my
problems here in America, it is certainly worth noting when there is
positive exceptions :-)

Both today and yesterday I found some inexpensive and friendly, welcoming
places to stay!

Yesterday I stayed at Fir Grove Motel in Reedsport. A cosy room, a
friendly owner that even had visited Denmark and had some nice remarks
about that (by now I have learned not to speak too much of the run over
here). And there were even a small assembly of assorted books in the room
- I miss reading hugely!!

Today it was at first disappointment when I realised that the motel in
Dunes City (my planned finish point) had a vacancy sign but no one at the

Well; out to the road again and on with the run. 2km up the road I luckily
saw an excellently located cottage-motel - The Woahink Lake Suites. The
price was not as high as I feared and by about the price I usually pay for
a motel room I ended up with a house/cottage larger than the apartment I
had back in Copenhagen - with a beautiful view over the Woahink Lake which
I will enjoy while I transmit the "highway horror" reports from the last
weeks ;-)



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