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Goto: 12005-03-16 12005-03-18 1USA

Distance today: 58.0 km (Accumulated: 19261.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.03.17 Fuller Memorial Bridge", at cross of US 101 and Highway 299" > - sign on Newton Scenic Parkway (parallel to US 101): "Elk Prairie
Campground, Visitor Centre", at Boyes Creek Bridge - bridge 4-204, 127.24

58km, 5:54:34h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 19.220 km.

Start: 9:45am.
Finish: 16:45pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+20c, almost overcast and medium wind at start.
21c, half overcast and light wind at finish.

Elk Prairie!
- Another enjoyable day where it again seems that the last weeks almost
awful struggle to continue the run was well worth even such moments/days
of every kind of hardship.

During today?s run I was met by police at the roadside of US 101, about
20km into the stage, BUT instead of what I had feared days on end: that I
would be asked to get off the highway with no alternative road for most of
the way - I was greeted by the highway policeman from yesterday with a
smile and "Hey Jasper, how?s it going today ? Watch out on the next
stretch, the road gets narrow !". That was not exactly what I had
expected!! :-)

In general my impression is that the mentality becomes friendlier as I
move up towards the Northern part of California and into Oregon (which I
expect to enter in two days).

The last couple of weeks has mostly brought uninterested responses to my
run and in many cases even suspicion (!) - "what are you doing running
ith. a baby on the roads like that", "why did you stop here, is there a
problem?" (near "private property" sign while taking 4 minutes of
stretching before continuing the run), etc., etc.. Especially after the
almost extreme helpfulness I experienced while running across Australia
it?s difficult to get used to the change.

Yet, just as I am getting back to the mindset I used for the first part of
the run, crossing Europe, by always expecting the worst and preparing for
it - I suddenly begin to get responses like "I saw you the last 2 days
from the car, where are you running to ??" or "Ya' doing a great job
there, keep it up !" (from an old man!).

At the finish of the day, as I was putting up my tent at the Elk Prairie
Park (and there are really elks; in abundance!), the Park officer drove
down to the tent sites - I thought to collect the 15$ camp fee - jumped
out of the 4wd and shook my hand (I must have looked somewhat confused ;-)
and told he had seen me down the road: "That is a GREAT idea. Wow!". We
talked about the run and exchanged stories about bears; his advice about
bears here, and mine about the bear sightings and near-incident in
Finally I found the 15$ but: "No, of course not ! You are our guest :-)".

As I think you can guess, a day like this makes the world run easy! It is
not the physical but the mental barriers which matters :-)



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