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Distance today: 64.0 km (Accumulated: 18917.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.03.10 - on Highway 1: "Elk 7miles; Fort Bragg 33miles">.

(Crew: Jurgen Ankenbrand, all stage).

64km, 6:47:50h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 18.876km.

Start: 04:50am.
Finish: 14:07pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+06c, dark and medium wind at start.
19c, clear and same wind at finish.

- Night running...

Today, the 10. March, is the birthday of the webmaster of and
as it happens there was on my route a small village of almost the same
name as him: "Caspar". So, I tried if I could reach it during today?s

But; things don?t always work out as planned. After a beautiful start
under the stars of the night sky and the white of the ocean waves beneath
the cliffs, my crew Jurgen Ankenbrand told me that the road signs up ahead
suggested that there would be about 100km to my planned finish in Caspar.
As the day went on I had a bit of the knee-problems, which I have had
mildly due to the temperature difference of just having run in 30-44c in
Australia and now 10 - 22c here in California.

Also I didn?t have any signal on the mobile phone, so I decided that it
would be a little 'suspect' if I suddenly did a much longer run than usual
- just as there would be no on-line pictures on the website.. (I take
backup documentation pictures every 5miles, logbook and witness
documentation in these cases; but still I prefer 100.0 % documentation! :-)

But even without reaching the city of "Casper": My very best birthday
wishes to Kasper who is the webmaster of and also the husband
of my little sister :-) They plan, by the way, to visit me over here in
California in a few weeks. Something I really look forward to as the
missing of friends and family obviously is big after 19 000km of running
and more than a year of being away from my home country.

Today also is the birthday of my grandmother - who in fact has had equally
influence in helping this run !! When I got the idea she was the one to
immediately support the ambition ! Something I cherish still on a daily
basis :-)


At the moment the high costal mountain and hill range along Highway 1
blocks the mobile phone signal, so the reports have to be send by email
and not by the phone while I am running. Thus there will be some delays -
for example this report is sending the 11.March where I found an internet
connection in Fort Bragg after my finish there. Also there wont be any
pictures 'online' from the running before I have a strong signal to send
them while running. Hopefully it should be ok in a few days !



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