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2005-02-24: Pictures7
Distance today: 53.0 km (Accumulated: 18231.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.02.24 > - .

53km, 5:30:56h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 18.190km.

(Crew: Jurgen Ankenbrand, all stage).

Start: 11:05am.
Finish: 17:12pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+17c, half overcast and medium wind at start.
15c and same at finish.

1. st. week of running in the U.S.!

My impressions this early of the American part of the run is that
California certainly is a friendly place to run; especially with the
support I received from local L.A. runners and Sri Chinmoy community at my
arrival and first stages in U.S. :-)

Of course I quickly realised that a run like this can?t impress an
American ;-) (and neither is that my aim :-) But I will try to find some
time after the daily stages to do some media-work; it is good for the
sponsors and could inspire local runners!!

Further impressions are of the American highways - of course. Excellent
network, but difficult to know when you are allowed to run on them and
when not.. So far it has given me about 10km extra pr. day in detours, but
I am learning from the mistakes and obstacles like that usually happens in
each new country while learning the twists to the rules from the last
country (e.g. Australia was left hand drive; right side run..).

The nature - Very Impressive. The costal runs up along California already
range up there with my favourite: The Baikal area and East Siberia!! The
contrast of the steel blue ocean, light brown steep cliffs and green grass
plains really inspires a Scandinavian mind :-)

The difference in economical wealth both between people - and compared
with most other parts of the 12 countries of the world run so far - is
evident, but not as much as I expected. And achieving new perspective of
things and de-enouncing cultural myths is one of the things I enjoy most
in this run :-)



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