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2005-02-21: Pictures62
Distance today: 52.0 km (Accumulated: 18074.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.02.21 Harbour Blvd.; central Ventura > - monument: "Santa Barbara Harbour" at the cross of Harbour Way and Cabrillo
Blvd. >.

52km, 4:35:36h. (+/- 10min. due to backtrackings at flooded roads). Excl.
food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 18.033km.

(Road: on Highway 101/1 and parallel bike paths as on gps position
signals and pictures)

(Crew: Jurgen Ankenbrand and Ivory)

Start: 13:00am.
Finish: 18:54pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+20c, overcast and medium wind at start.
16c, rain and same at finish.

Web Pictures ! Finally :-)

- "Hey, are you doing a run ?" That was how I got the gps-gprs satellite
pictures and primary Guinness documentation system working in the U.S.
The question came from Andrew Flores at the "mobile station" in Ventura !

With a bit of persistency and a lot of customer service skills he solved
what the main phone shops (at Cingular) couldn?t get fixed during my last
4 days of decreasingly polite requests ;-)

- So if you enjoy the web images from the Californian landscapes; it?s him
you can thank for that :-) The system also sends my gps position signal
with location, speed and altitude to the database for Guinness

- After a few hours setting up the phone system I got started on the run
which was the first normal length stage since I started the North
American part of the world run - I always try to make the first few
running-days in a new country easy so I can adjust to new traffic, culture
etc. habits !

As you can see the roads were flooded at many places due to the last days
heavy rainfall, but luckily I didn?t have to run back too many times.

PS: The witness, picture and logbook documentation that I use when I
don?t have the gps system working is the traditional way of Guinness
documentation, but as I stand the chance to become the first to 'open'
this area of records, as hopefully become the first person to run 1 lap of
the Earth - then I prefer to make it 100% reliable.



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