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Goto: 12005-02-18 12005-02-20 1USA

Distance today: 25.0 km (Accumulated: 17982.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.02.19 53-29" on Highway 1, 10meter before Escondido Beach Road > - sign on Hwy.1: "Pt. Mugo State Park, Sycamore Cove >.

25km, 2:32:36h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 17.941km.

(Crew: Jurgen Ankenbrand and Ivory all stage).

(Run with The Mountain Goats: 1:32:46h)

Start: 12:43pm.
Finish: 15:37pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+18c, almost overcast and medium wind at start.
17c and same at finish.

- "The Mountain Goats" !

It had been raining heavily since 2am in the night, but my crew and I must
have been inspired to meet these "Goats", because we got up 6:15am, drove
to a pick-up point back on yesterdays running route and got instantly all
soaked !

But we quickly found the meeting worthwhile :-)

We were greeted by an equally soaked bunch of determined long-distance
runners, all from the L.A. mountain running club "The Mountain Goats";
yes there are mountains near L.A., quite high in fact :-)

During our 1hour run-up and 1/2hour sprint-down I learned that 4 of them
had already completed several "Comrades Marathon" - a 90km ultra in the
Durban Province of South Africa; a run which definitely requires strong
mountain running abilities.

Being a Dane (a 5milion people Scandinavian country without any hills
above 150metres) I was honoured to run with them and had interesting
talks, when I had breath for it ;-)

- This run doesn?t count as World Run kilometres or as towards London, but
I certainly enjoyed the company and steep hill run. And so did my crew who
wouldn?t say no to getting a bit of running themselves :-)
Good for team-building!

The world run stage a few hours later turned out to be one of the most
beautiful so far since Lake Baikal in Siberia. There were pelicans and
large seagulls in the air as the road (Highway One) twisted its way along
the costal cliffs with steel-blue surf waves breaking to them.

The only drawback is that we haven?t gotten the gps-gprs phone system to
work with the main American network provider, Cingular. There would have
been some quite spectacular pictures for the website there... But we are
working on it!



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