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2005-02-06: Pictures25
Distance today: 47.0 km (Accumulated: 17743.0 km)
Country: Australia

2005.02.06 Shackleton 37km" > - "Cunderdin" >.

47km, 4:49:45h +/- 5min. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc.
Total 17.702km.
(Forgot to start stopwatch direct after gps.doc. photo)

Start: 5:35am.
Finish: 11:54am.
Time GMT + 10:30 hours (NB: South Australian Time!)

+19c, partly cloudy and light wind at start.
24c, a few clouds and medium wind at finish.

A very pleasant stage due to one of the rare days with temperatures
staying in the 20ties.

At present the planning of the American stages of the world run are well
in process and the motivation for the rest of the run are again good :-)

It is always a critical phase when preparing for the next major country or
continent in the run. Often the mental preparation is much more demanding
than the physical effort of running the thousands of km.

I have by now got used to that in the weeks before the next decisive part
of the run; there will every time be a limbo of tiredness and huge lack of
motivation and energy. But as far as I can see it is part of a process
where body and mind prepares consciously and unconsciously to handle
extremely demanding conditions. And once that preparation is in place
there appears a very strong determination to take on even the unknown
problems with a positive approach :-)

- This has been the case at the start in Europe, when nearing Russia
(Siberia !), Australia and now North America.

Only when facing the short Japanese part of the run, I expected it to be
easy and relied on fairly good physical stamina to be enough.
.. With a quite shaking experience as result! ;-)



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