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2004-12-30: Pictures41
Distance today: 54.0 km (Accumulated: 15991.0 km)
Country: Australia

2004.12.30. - Eyre A1: "P50" >.
(Crew: Peter Gray all stage)

54km, 5:30:55h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 15.950km.

Start: 21:48pm.
Finish: 07:31am.
Time GMT + 10:30 hours (NB: South Australian Time!)

+24c, dark and light wind at start.
20c, clear and same wind at finish.

- Desert Contacts.. !

After another night run I met with one of my desert contacts, John Paw &
his family.

Actually we met yesterday as I had accommodation in Ceduna before Peter
drove me back to the start/finish point 30km East of Ceduna.

But yesterday I must say I still was a bit sleepy during the day,
returning from the night running :-) ...

John and his family turned out to be great company and very friendly. Also
they were offering us accommodation tomorrow after the next night stages.
His grandmother immigrated from Czech back in the Eastern Europe communist
days (during the 1950ties when Soviet invaded Czechoslovakia).
- So also there was an opportunity to catch up on the subject of Europe :-)

It was a bit reluctant I and Peter left them new years evening to proceed
hastily to the start; but in this run it is often so: you are welcomed to
a "new home" yet have to leave the next day to run on.

- The reward being the privilege to be surprised how much friendship there
exist out there where ever my road lead me; and in huge contrast to the
media image of a world in conflict which I was used to back home !

PS: The daily reports from the Nullabor Desert and adjacent areas will
most likely be delayed 5 - 10 days due to lack of mobile phone signal. We
expect to have the day-to-day postings up to date again when I reach the
area near Perth. My excuses for the delays!



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