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Distance today: 45.0 km (Accumulated: 15655.0 km)
Country: Australia

2004.12.24. - road sign: "311km Ceduna, 103km Wudina" on the Eyre A1 >.
digital camera and witness>.
(Runner company by David Billett all stage. Crew: David?s mother,
Lorraine, all stage).

45km, 4:35:41h (+/- 5min). Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc.
Total 15.614km.

Start: 07:38am.
Finish: 13:17pm.
Time GMT + 10:30 hours (NB: South Australian Time!)

+14c, almost clear sky and light wind at start.
23c, a few white clouds and med. wind at finish.

- Christmas :-)

After an easy and enjoyable run I celebrated my Christmas together with
David and Lorraine; had a good dinner and a telephone call back to my
family up in cold Scandinavia :-)

As I mentioned in the last report I am amazed that they have come out here
to spend their Christmas together with me - turning what could have been a
bit lonely Christmas in a motel room - into a cosy event with comparisons
of how we celebrate up in Scandinavia and how down here in Australia
(25.Dec, unlike our 24.Dec for starters) :-))

24. December running advice:

- Probably the most important of my own principles are always to continue
to gather knowledge of how the body (and mind :-) responds to training.

By knowing in detail how you respond to for ex. overtraining or your
pre-injury signals you can become able to detect a beginning injury long
before it develops. And have knowledge of how you best steer clear of it
in time.

- actually a big part of the "everyday of world run" is to pick up the
many signals of the body responses and take preventive measures (example:
reduce km, change running speed, run on other surface, emphasise
stretches, get new shoes, alter running style, sleep patterns, change of
food, ... )
- up to 5-10 days before an injury would appear.

Well, that was the advices I could think of this month. Hope you enjoyed



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