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2004-12-02: Pictures10
Distance today: 39.0 km (Accumulated: 14635.0 km)
Country: Australia

2004.12.02. - sign at cross of A1 & A200: "A1 Mt Gambier" and "A200 Hamilton" >.

39km, 4:00:40h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 14.594km.

C191 to Heywood>.

Start: 10:30am.
Finish: 15:15pm.
Time GMT + 11 hours

+18c, half overcast & med. wind at start.
24c, almost clear sky and light wind at finish.

Truck friendliness!

On today?s small roads that I choose to get up to Heywood - from where I
will have a shorter and better road to Mt. Gambier, I again got reminded
of the helpfulness of the big trucks :-)

- Yes, this is no joke! It is actually one of the common things no matter
which of the many countries I have been running in: the most carefully
traffic I encounter are the light and heavy trucks!

More often than not they will move over to the middle of the road to give
me more room at the roadside.

MUCH appreciated as traffic accidents is one of the main concerns of any
runner. Thanks for your help guys!!

And then to the 2. of December running tip:

Stretch. It is one of the classics of injury prevention, but none the less
often neglected.

A few minutes slow and careful stretching of the main leg muscles before
training will make the tendons more flexible and help prevent injury.

The same stretch regimen after the training session will help the muscles
recover more quickly and will in long term be able to counter
"stiff/inflexible leg" symptoms and thus enable you to keep your speed
potential long through your running years :-)



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