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2004-11-19: Pictures7
Distance today: 39.0 km (Accumulated: 14390.0 km)
Country: Australia

- road sign on the A1: "Colac 36km">.

39km, 4:06:55h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 14.349km.

(Crew: M. Gillan & Erik Thorup).

Start: 9:55am.
Finish: 15:22pm.
Time GMT + 8 hours

+17c, 1/2 overcast and med. wind at start.
+21c and same at finish.

- Preparing for the Colac 6-day Race!

Two days down the road I aim at participating in the Colac 6-day Race
(website:, which will go on day
& night from 21 to the 27.November.

Already now I am beginning to meet other participants on their way down to
Colac ... when they pass by in their cars! It is looking to be a friendly
race all right. Many of them take their time to take a chat with me at the
roadside :-) And some of them have already run parts of my stages with me.
Much appreciated :-)

As you probably can figure out, I won?t have much chance of making a place
in the top rankings of the pretty tough 21-runner field. But for me it
will be just as much about having a mental break from the overall goal:
the distance I will cover in Colac wont count towards the way to the
finish point some 12 000km down the road, but it will be a chance to pick
up on a lot of "runners talk" and in general have a good time!

- A 6 day race is almost a ultra runners party; which goes on for 6 days
Look forward to that!



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