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Goto: 12004-10-25 12004-10-27 1Japan

Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 13189.0 km)
Country: Japan

2004.10.26 <4. wait-day for airplane to Sydney, Australia>.

- In Japanese family-care!

Yesterday evening I was placed at a nearby family where I would stay for
the next 24hours while Kazuka drove Alexander the long way up to Osaka
Airport for his flight to St.Petersburg, Russia.

It departs in the very early morning and she can first expect to be back
in the evening. So here I am in "ultra runner family-care" ;-)

- And actually its quite nice!!

Where I in the first days had some difficult experiences with getting
contact with Japanese persons, it has now improved considerably :-)

Of course this is mainly due to that I am now introduced by a Japanese
(Kazuka) to the persons I meet; a crucial thing in Japan.

Yesterday evening we spent an even cheerful evening at the friendly family
which had invited further friends to meet the "Monster" ;-)
All of them are long-distance runners. The host family both experienced
marathon runner and the wife quite successful with almost half a room
filled with trophies won at age-class events on marathon!

Her and her husband (which names I shamefully cant pronounce) has really
been friendly and now the small common language seems to be no problem at
all. Denmark and Japan was discussed with interest - and so was various
training theories, of course :-)

During today I was treated to an excellent sightseeing from the
mountaintops. Afterwards followed a visit to a local sports club where I
lived up the monster-name on the running-machine.

Voices said "Kilo-jombo" - which I later learned meant: 4:00 minutes pr.
km :-))



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