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Goto: 12004-10-23 12004-10-25 1Japan

Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 13189.0 km)
Country: Japan

2004.10.24. <2. wait-day for airplane to Sydney, Australia>.

Today?s main event was an invitational dinner together with some
businessmen from Kazukas hometown, Kurashi. But as they all shared
marathon running and longer distances? Of course running was part of the
menu :-)

We had a medium-paced run around the city-centre, but eventually the speed
picked up; just as on yesterdays "mara-nick?!

It became quite a special way of sightseeing!!
- In the darkness right after sunset we paced up and down of the narrow
traditional Japanese merchant streets; cutting the corners sharply and
just barely avoiding running into the next-street restaurant/clothes shop
or what-ever! I resembled more of a weird runners-dream (as opposed to the
nightmare kind of running I had from Toyama to Kobe) ;-)
And it was considerably far from the running that I am used to during the
world run; but fun it was :-)

Well exhausted, we returned "home" to resume the dinner. And what a dinner
by the way!!!

- It hits a top three so far during about 300days of the world runs many
culinary experiences! The food was prepared by a former ship-cook - now
businessman - but it was in no way like my stereotype idea of a seaman?s

It was sheer delicatessen from beginning to end!!!

The cook had searched & bought chocolates from Belgium & Switzerland;
from Russia (and not the cheap kind by far..), butter from France and
...sake from Japan ;-)

Truly it was a joyful dinner, and just as alienated I was during the first
week in Japan; just as much did I feel welcome and surrounded by friendly
interest now.

Perhaps helped by my once again proved - running monster status ;-)!!

PS: On the sad side: a 6.8 Richter-scale earthquake yesterday hit Japan.
The epic-centre was located a bit outside Tokyo at Niigata and as I could
see from TV-pictures, the damage was considerable! But I clearly feel
that although the Japanese people in other parts of the country are
alerted, the usually of this kind of event means that it doesn?t seem to
stir up much emotion (!).



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