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Distance today: 53.0 km (Accumulated: 11832.0 km)
Country: Russia

2004 09 21. Route Report: sign.1942 on M58 - .

53km, 5:00:10 h (J.). Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stop.
Total 11.791km. (J.).

Start 9:54am (all).
Finish 16:25 (J.), 16:34 (A. and K.).
Time GMT + 10 hours.

+3c, clear sky and med. wind at start.
18c and same at finish.

A stage with quite long stops at the water stations as we had to adjust
our finish to the waiting sports committee in Biribizhan.

Opposite yesterday the distance proved to be shorter than expected so we
tried to slow things down a bit before arriving in Biribizhan; the
regional capital.

We have before had 'grand welcomes' where we, by finishing some hours
before schedule, have given the not-so-fantastic scene of 3 runners
sitting on a bench, already finished well before the first spectators &
city organizers arrive..

- But this time things work out just fine, and we have an interesting run
through Biribizhans harmonic city centre; which is delightfully free of
the Stalin era concrete-architecture. Instead the main streets have a
South European & Asian feel.

The sport committee chairman, Victor, treated us to one of the best
dinners we have enjoyed so far.
The place was a Chinese restaurant; which out here stands for top quality.

Indeed China has a big impact as it is only about 35km away from here.

Victor told us that the administration has weekly meetings with their
Chinese colleagues and co-operate on a long range of matters.
Quite understandably as "Moscow is very far away", as he put it.



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