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Distance today: 50.0 km (Accumulated: 9828.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Chita
> - .

50km, 5:29:25 h (J.) Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stop.
Total 9787km. (J.).

1/2 km. Then left on connect road to M58. Onto M58 after 6km. Enter at
=800m before road sign.28.>

Start 9:22am (K. and J.).
Finish 15:36pm (J.), 16:47 (J.).
Time GMT + 9 hours.

At start 8c, light wind and clear sky.
At finish 20c, med. wind and blue mountain sky.

We head out of Chita and on our way along Uliza Lenina discovers that the
city has a charming 'upper city' with most buildings in the pre-USSR
style: lightly coloured (sand yellow/ pistachio green / dark brown
timber) with classicism architecture.

Our run for the next month will not be as light as that.

The menu will be mountain run at = 700 - 1800m alt. Already today w.
steep climbs and descends.

The road surface is said to be ok for the next ab. 300km; from then on
gravel & trail for =1600km.

Telephone and mobile connection can?t be expected for the next 40 days.

Cities / settlements will be scarce until we, hopefully, run into
Khabarovsk =23 of September.

We have advised the authorities and they will try to look out for us.

- If you look at a map of 'light on Earth' (satellite photo's of Earth at
you will see that this part of Siberia has about the same light intensity
as the Sahara desert and the Arctic ice. Not very populated.

We hope to be back in contact in about 40 days; so stay tuned.
We will be thinking about you out there :-)



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