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Goto: 12004-08-05 12004-08-07 1Russia

Distance today: 59.0 km (Accumulated: 9432.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: < near road sign 144 on sec. road to Chita > - monument & start of city "Novokigenginsk", 500m after near road sign 25 >.

59km, 6:16:31 h (J.) Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stop.
Total 9391km. (A. and J.).

connecting road, then right onto tarmac road to Novokigenginsk at 500m
before rds.5.
At road sign 24 left, over bridge/river and 1,5km to finish. >

Start 9:00am (A. & K.), 10:01 (J.).
Finish 17:03pm (J.), 18:10 (K.), 18:19 (A.).
Time GMT + 8 hours

+16c, med. wind & rain clouds at start.
26c, heavy wind and partly clear sky at finish.

We were met at the 20km point by a delegation from our finish city,
Novokigenginsk, who in Byrytian tradition offered us fresh warm milk from
a small cup and a white silk band - the symbols of purity & friendship.

And friendly they were indeed !!

They had heard rumours of our little team (we have not had phone/mobile
contact several days due to running on a very secondary, but shorter,
road). So the administration, the sport committee leader and the local
journalist and a former wrestling champion set out to find us !

Driving up & down the stone covered Byrytian trail they found us and from
then on followed us the rest of the day, eager to help and cheering us up
with their smiles :-)

- And this was in fact much needed as we since running in the higher
altitude are beginning to feel problems with recovering; putting us in an
'all day exhaustion' that borders indifference/numbness. (more about this

The delegation, however, had arranged prime hotel accommodation, gifts,
food - and even a picnic with portable kitchen & hot dishes at a
riverbank, for us.

- later, I (J.) had a memorial table tennis match with the city mayor :-)

We were (and are) tired; very much; but we should not in a long time
forget our friends from Novokigenginsk !!! Friends like you we carry with
us in every step we take :-)



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