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Goto: 12004-07-15 12004-07-17 1Russia

Distance today: 60.0 km (Accumulated: 8379.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: - Toulun name-monument "Toulun", 50m before roadsign 1486 on M53 >.

60km, 5:57:24 h (J.).Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stop.
Total 8338km.(A. and J.).

<3 km signs missing/wrong: 1334 to 1338 was 1km>

Start 7:05am (K.), 7:32 (A. & J.).
Finish 14:25pm (J.), 15:25 (A.), 17:38 (K.).
Time: GMT + 8 hours.

At start +14c and dark overcast after heavy thunder and hailstorm.
23c, overcast after heavy rain and light wind at finish.

Amazing today!
Many people greet us and children run with us spontaneous for a km or two
! We were saluted from the roadside Trans Sibirean Railroad.

In the small villages people were sitting outside the houses on the wodden
benches, apparently waiting for us to pass by - with smiles shouting
"Tsliva !" (good luck), "da Vladivostock ?!" (to Vladivostock), etc.

At first we didnt know why, but we suspect that there has been information
about us yesterday on the national radio. It is the only media transmitted
to all Russia and is quite popular.

On two previous times (when we ran into Stockholm and Moskva) they
broadcasted our run & the effect was big - but nothing like this !!

..Trucks slow down to tell us how many km behind or in front the others
are, and ask of details of our run :-)
In a village 17km after the start a man with 3 teeth ran along with me
(J.) and told me details of the run. Proud as if he'd been running it
himself :-)

- It is quite a bit emotional and makes all our troubles (and they have
not been few), discomfort, insect bites day&night, our present mud road,
lack of sleep - seem like no problem at all !

Todays road was mainly through small villages and over steep hill sides
(highpoint 740m). The roadsurfase was 12-15km tarmac; rest brown, black
and red mud/clay w. stones.

Especially the red clay was a bit hard to run as the heavy rain made A.
and I sink shoe-deep into it. At times pulling the shoe half off (!).

But as the time shows we kept a decent pace, clearly due to the huge
inspiration we got from people today.

Once again showing how much ultra running is a matter of mental
positive/inspiration, rather than pure physical talent ! :-)



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