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Goto: 12004-07-13 12004-07-15 1Russia

Distance today: 42.0 km (Accumulated: 8263.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: - Nisny Udinsk "Nishny Udinsk", 100m before roadsign 1367 on M53 >.

42km, 4:28:33 h (J.).Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stop..
Total 8222km..

Start 4:50am (K.), 8:17 (A. and J.).
Finish 12:55 (K.),13:12 (J.), 13:36 (A.).
Time: GMT + 8 hours.

At start +16c, half overcast, no wind.
At finish 25c, overcast, humid and no wind.

Today had a small drama waiting for us after finish:

Our supply-driver - who does a vital job of transporting our baggage and
provide water & food posts every 10km - decided he wanteD to go back to
Chelyabinsk (his hometown near the Ural mountains).

- the last days lack of tarmac road where the main road turns into a stone
& gravel track with big holes, had made him doubt that his car can go the
distance to Vladivostock !

Also the stress of driving water while trying to avoid that we or he
become part of the many fatal road accidents has become a big pressure.

So, in the evening - after beeing accomodated at the city's large Theather
building (!) - we climbed the stage and had a 2 hour long, emotional,

To the fortune of our small team we managed to motivate him to take on the
challenge; even if it also involves severe tests for him & his car !

At the same time we could understand 'between the lines' that we ourght to
appreciate his help more. Quite true; and we'll try to keep a bit of
energy for that :-)
- It is a common effect of tiredness and exhaustion to forget to thank
helpers and friends on the way !

Todays highpoint was at 655m, so apart from the dust-roads we have our fun
with some good hill running ;-)



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