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Goto: 12004-07-09 12004-07-11 1Russia

Distance today: 53.0 km (Accumulated: 8051.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Nishi Ngas Ngas" > - Nishi Enpoyma .
Police escort first 8km (A.) and running compagny of young children from
N. Ngas sportsclub (J.).

53km, 5:18:05h (J.).Excl. food. water, toilet etc. stop.
Total 8010km.(A. and J.).

Start 5:30am (K.), 8:13 (A.), 8:23 (J.).
Finish 14:07pm (J.), 15:06 (A.), 15:29 (K.).
Time: GMT + 7 hours.

At start +19c, no wind and half overcast.
29c, light wind and white clouds at finish.

A stage with - the usual - good roads we experiense in Siberia ! Which
surprise us as beeing in better condition than the main roads we ran from
East of Moscow to West of the Ural Mountains.

That is; at least untill the tarmac disappeared some 10km before finish
today ;-)

Another thing:
- Last time we had @acces, a heartspecialist from Finland inquired about
our pulserates and their change during this multi-month & multi-year

I'd be happy if we can contribute with some data (especially so,
remembering the outstanding support we recieved at the Finland stages !
:-) )

I'll ask A. & K. if they are interested and if they agree - show their
data once a week as in my example below from todays stage:

Pulse at wake-up: 38 beat/min., at 25km (6:03 min/km): 64, at 46km (5:57
min/km): 69. 5h after finish: 50.
The wake-up is a bit lower than my 'worldrun usual' of 42-45 b/min; but
higher than 'before worldrun' of 31-36. During the first 1 1/2 month of
the run it was ab. 47-50. (but there we also had the babyjogger of 40kg
total to push, so besides adaptation that could be the reason).

Todays active-pulse was a small bit higher than usual; and concordantly I
felt 'heavier' in the legs than usual. The active-pulse has in general
decreased since about 4-5 weeks after the start, and leveled after
3-4months. Before the run the min. was about 105 b/min at 6 min/km and max
about 181 at 2:58 min/km.
(the reason could be adaptation through better / more specialised running
economy ?).



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