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Goto: 12004-06-30 12004-07-02 1Russia

Distance today: 23.0 km (Accumulated: 7827.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: - Kazuka stop at roadsign 916 >.

23km, 2:29:59 h (J.). Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stop.
Total 7786km.(A. and J.)

pain. The team accepts her request of 7 restdays.>

Start 7:11am (A. and K.), 7:16 (J.).
Stop 9:35 (K., at rds.916 on M53), 9:53 (A.), 9:55 (J.).
Time: GMT + 7hours.

+15c, medium wind and mist in the valleys at start.
19c and sunny at stop.

2 1/2 h. into the planned stage to Borodino our supply driver informed
Alexander and I that Kazuka had stopped and requested 7 restdays to have
further medical advice on her knee.

We took a few minutes to think things over and decided to drive quickly
back to Krasnojarsk to have an expert to examine the problem.

At the main hospital the verdict was: menisk injury; which would mean her
participation would be over (operation + 4 week rest).

To be certain we from there went to an x-ray clinic. The pictures dont
suggest a menisk problem but "an anormality in some of the knee brusk"
(Artorosis?). Early tomorrow we will go to the main specialist to hear his
oppinion and then decide.

Ofcourse this is a very problematic situation for the team as we allready
are in a situation where we must catch up time before Vladivostock. But
Alexander and I have both had restdays given, so the fair thing definately
is to look into the problem and see if there is perspective of quick

In the evening we were accomodated in the sports hotel at the central
stadium just next to the Jenitzei river.

(I took an 10km evening jog along the river to 'burn off' some of the
embarrasment I think we all feel about having to come back to where we
were sent off with so friendly wishes. Though it didnt help much!).



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