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2004-06-14: Pictures24
Distance today: 44.0 km (Accumulated: 7053.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Voronova[Roadsign "Voronova" / "Hobonnobo" in cyrillic; 500m
after roadsign 82 on M53] - Roadsign "Kemerovo 146km" [500m after
roadsign 126 on M53; city Bolotnaya].

44km, 4:22:41 h (J.).

Start 5:20am (K.), 8:51 (A.), 8:53 (J.) .
Finish 13:39pm (J. and K.), 14:44 (A.).

+24c, few clouds, no wind and humid at start. At finish 29c, light wind;
humid and half overcast. Later thunder and rain.

- Reached the 7000km mark 32km into todays stage. Had one liter of cold
sprite to celebrate, and jogged on to 7012km... :-)

It was real humid and a bit uncomfortable with the many mosquitos &
"sclepins" (big size mosquitos), that makes sure we keep moving ;-)

But as we hope it appears
from the gps-pictures, we ran into a change of nature with some new
inspiring scenery. Rolling hills, small steep climbs, big open valleys and
winding rivers carved into the brown and white soil.

- The stereotype of Siberia as a boring "same - same" every day: No ! Not
even close :-)

And allthough we will be repeating ourselves:
these huge areas of open nature is definately worth visiting; also despite
discomfort and expenses !

PS: our danish support group informs us that we tomorrow will have
finishpoint in an area without mobile signal (the Kemerova region).
Thus there can be anything between 5days and a couple of weeks till we are
able to bring the reports from those stages.

- untill then; happy training & enjoy the comforts of civilisation! :-)



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