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Distance today: 39.0 km (Accumulated: 5949.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Blue roadsign "Novokirskovo 3,5km"(300m after roadsign 253
on E30) - Blue roadsign "Ishim 3km"(near roadsign 292).

39 km., 3:35:37h.(J. and A.).

Start 9:00am(K.), 10:18am(J and A.).
Finish 13:38(K.), 14:01(J. and A.).

+12C., light wind and blue sky with a few high strato-cumulus at start.
+21C. at finish.

Great running weather, which Kazuka was best to appreciate:-)

Yesterday we stayed at the hospital of Oktoberskaya.
They had allmost no patients and invited us to stay for the night.
Very friendly staff :-)
The idea of the arrangement came from helpers from the local
sportscommitty in Octoberskaya.
- When we arrived at our finish on the E30 outside Ishim, they had
allready "warned" Ishim sportsclub who received us with TV coverage, hotel
accomodation and a great dinner!

Big thanks to both Ishim and Octoberskaya !

Concerning the running we now enjoy our easy days.. probably for the first
time since London we dont have tired legs from we wake up till we fall
The last 2 weeks has been very good for recovery of all small injuries
picked up on the first nearly 6000 km.

Now I think we are well prepared for the more heavy running after Omsk and
our 1/2 marathon race there.

The name of the game in the next fase is to be careful and stick to our
So far we have been max. 2 days in front or behind our schedule.
And we want to keep it that way!
A bit like mr. Phileas Fogg in the novel by Jules Verne.
Only we dont need to go around the World in 80 days :-)

But we do need to be out of Siberia by end of September and we do have a
date ahead: The international 6 days race in Colac, Australia; 2. week of



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