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Goto: 12004-04-20 12004-04-22 1Russia

Distance today: 51.0 km (Accumulated: 5292.0 km)
Country: Russia

Miass [Roadsign 1779] ? [Roadsign 1830, on E30, M5]. 51km, 5:14:08 h. (all
3 run together :-) .

- So here it finally is ! Sibiria !!

We crossed a small mountain-ridge 500m after the start in Miass, and?
there lies the wide open fields of dusty brown & yellow colors, small
groups of treas; and wetlands a-pleanty.

All gently curved and topped by a bright blue sky.

Ural is finished for now. And what a sensation it was to feel a mountain
chain with your own feet, measuring it up with the scale of your body. It
gave us great inspiration to some ? at times qrazy ? but allways
interesting full effort running. For the next thousands of kilometres we
are not likely to run over more than a hundred meters of hightdifference
at most; Sibiria beeing one of the most flat areas of that size. And it's
with some remorse that we say goodbye while the last low mountain
silhouettes disapear in the horizon.

But new things lie ahead. We are now near the hometown of our supply
driver, Alexander Rachenka, and after todays finish we were driven to his
appartment to a warm wellcome by his family.

And Kazuka and I tasted a Sibirian special for the first time: "Kvas" ? a
orange homebrewed drink made from bread. It tastes like a blend of beer,
smoked salmon and coffe ? if that can be imagined ? Yes, we are now in
Sibiria :-)



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