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Distance today: 43.0 km (Accumulated: 4379.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Kazan - Shaly.

43km., 4:51h.

A snow-stage where the road and horizon at times went into one whole
windblown white.

These conditions didn't Alexanders injury problems and about midways he
asked me and Kawazuka to run in front in our normal pace, leaving him
alone in back to fight with his problems.
A sad moment as he disappeared behind us in the heavy snowfall and wind.
But at the next food-stop point (we have about 1,5 hour between them) he
arrived only a few minutes later and from then on he was running better!

At the same time a roadservice/police car found us and decided to escort
us and clear the road for the rest of the distance.

Do we have this kind of help in Europe? - Not a chance!

In these reports I sometimes mention the Russian "obstacles" (if only a
polite version was made, how reliable would the reports be?), but there
are points where Russia is far better than elsewere.
You might think that e.g. the police help is made for media image
purpose(we have quite good media coverage) but there don't seem to be a
And honestly I doubt they need any media profile, contrary to the
situation in Europe.

Just to give an example of an "obstacle" I for 2 weeks haven't been able
to find and buy new runningsocks.
Since Sweden the skin on the achilles tendons has turned blue, purple and
a few weeks later, black. It's no problem and painless, also the layers
beneith looks OK. But with big holes in my 4000km-Asics socks I think new
socks would help more than the cover of plaster and paper that I use
against cold achilles now...



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