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2004-02-01: Pictures5
Distance today: 44.0 km (Accumulated: 1428.0 km)
Country: Denmark

Route Report:
Copenhagen - Hellerup - Klampenborg - Vedbaek - Louisiana - Espergaerde -
Snekkersten - Elsinore - - Helsingborg in Sweden. 44km; 5:44 incl.
ferry and finding hotel in Helsingborg.
In the morning we said goodbye to our host, Gitte, who has take really
good care of us in the days in Copenhagen. We will miss your cooking,
Gitte !!!! How can we return to canned food now ?
But we have to move on, if we shall sometime in the next year reach this
goal of ours.
After a short stop by the Danish branch of our sponsor of the Cariot
Cougar jogger, we set into the usual rythm of worldrun running. But this
was really one of the hardest days. To take rest from the routine makes it
hard on the legs and mind to once again accept 4-5 hour running - and this
is even a light day ! Well; we will adapt again.
The route took us along some of the beautifull coastline near the beaches
of Oeresund. At times we could just get a glimse of Sweden - the goal for
On our way to the ferry in Elsinore we passed by the wellknown museum
"Lousiana" which is rich on outside scuptures and often hosts
international exhibitions of paintings in the many halls and corridors of
this inspiring place. Just recently a similar place has been extablished
just South of Copenhagen, named "Arken" and shaped in the form of a ship -
perhaps a Viking Ship ? 
Arken we passed on our way to Copenhagen 3 days ago.
After a 30 min. sail by ferry we reached Helsingborg and Sweden. A short
run took us around the center and we found a nice hotel for evening -
called: Viking Hotel !
Perhaps good for runners trying to conquer new roads !!
At least the staff has been very helpfull to us and provides internet so
we can make this report; thanks :-)



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