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2005-09-15: Pictures12
Distance today: 25.0 km (Accumulated: 25140.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.09.15. - Highway (Hwy. 30) & Goldsmith Rd. >. Pennsylvania.

25km, 2:35:04h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 25.099km

Start: 09:34am.
Finish: 12:39pm.
Time GMT - 6 hours

+20c, hazy and light wind at start.
28c and same at finish.

Hill running... !

A lot of elevation today with two passes at around 700 to 800m and a
couple of 400-500m up and down. Lucky that I have a crew here - Diand who
herself is a tri-athlete. Pushing the stroller up those hills would be on
the edge of what there is left in my legs by now.

After the stage I am staying in Jennerstown, home of a Nascar racetrack!
(No trees in the motel this time.. ;-)

Schedule to New York:
15/9 Stoystown

16/9 Bedford

17/9 Breezewood

18/9 Mc Connellsburg

19/9 Chambersburg

20/9 Gettysburg

21/9 Rest day

22/9 Abbotstown

23/9 York

24/9 Lancaster

- All the above on Highway 30.

25/9 New Holland

26/9 Reading

27/9 Boyertown

28/9 Allentown

29/9 Easton

30/9 Washington

01/10 Long Valley

02/10 Morristown

03/10 Irvington

04/10 New Jersey City

05/10 East Manhattan, New York City.

NB: At present I have a 3 day delay on the above schedule and the arrival
in NYC probably will be around the 7. October



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