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Goto: 12005-09-07 12005-09-09 1USA

Distance today: 26.0 km (Accumulated: 24966.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.09.08. - Liverpool; cross of Hwy. 30 & Veterans Memorial Highway at green road sign
on Hwy. 30: "Veterans Memorial Highway">. State: Ohio.

26km, 2:33:50h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 24.925km

Start: 08:50am.
Finish: 11:48am.
Time GMT - 6 hours

+18c, light overcast and light wind at start.
26c, half cloudy and same at finish.

- Approaching 25 000km :-)

As my team back home in Denmark have informed me, I am now (slowly...)
approaching the next big mark on the km-scale; the 25 000km. I expect to
reach it in 2 or 3 days, most likely at the East part of Pittsburgh.

Tomorrow I will make a visit to Pittsburgh after the finish of the days run
to see if I can get the gps system and cell phone up and working again - it
would be nice to have on-line coverage at the 25 000km day :-)

On today?s stage I had good crewing by Connie Karras who has again joined
me. This time after a very long drive back from near Chicago where she
lives. A big help to the run and very much appreciated!!! Without help
from dedicated supporters like Connie I would have had little chance to
have come this far and should I reach London and complete the record its
indeed much their record!

The accommodation today is at the Amerihost Inn in Calcutta, which is a
near East Liverpool. Amerihost Inn has hosted me several times before and
has by now become almost an official accommodation of the run here in the
Mid West :-)

The cities name by the way reminds me of one on my good friends in
ultra running, Mr. Arun Bwardwai from India. He has for almost a decade now
been the leading ultra runner in India and with much spirit takes on
ultra running challenges throughout the world. I hope to share competitions
with him and many of my other running friends once this run is done - and
some quality recovery is taken care of !

Schedule to New York:

09/9 To: Cross of hwy. 30 # hwy. 18

10/9 Pittsburgh

11/9 Wilkinsburg

12/9 Irwin

13/9 Greensburg

14/9 Ligonier

15/9 Stoystown

16/9 Bedford

17/9 Breezewood

18/9 Mc Connellsburg

19/9 Chambersburg

20/9 Gettysburg

21/9 Rest day

22/9 Abbotstown

23/9 York

24/9 Lancaster

- All the above on Highway 30.

25/9 New Holland

26/9 Reading

27/9 Boyertown

28/9 Allentown

29/9 Easton

30/9 Washington

01/10 Long Valley

02/10 Morristown

03/10 Irvington

04/10 New Jersey City

05/10 East Manhattan, New York City.

NB: At present I have a 3 day delay on the above schedule and the arrival
in NYC probably will be around the 7. October



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